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Giving You Advantages Against Even Heavier Opponents


At MMA in Lincoln

Priceless TEAM effort.

Priceless TEAM effort.

Frequently asked questions

Q/But i have a job where i cannot afford to get a black eye. ?Q/ Do i have to compete or spar?

A/ All training is done with safety in mind and MMA is for everyone, we don’t care how old you are, how out of shape you are (unless you join the fight team) But we will get you in shape.

If you have the will we will show you the way. 


“You feel like you’re part of a big family, or a big team and I have to say absolutely love coming here learning all the time, everything always evolving” Steve Roberts

“People come here to mma in Lincoln from different walks of life and Matt himself is a great instructor he always teaches us new things that you don’t see every day and that other gyms might class as unorthodox which gives us a bit of that competitive edge” Wayne Kitchen


"I come to the gym because I want to train MMA and to fight. The trainers are brilliant the gyms brilliant and its getting my body in good shape" JANINE ELLIS


Introductory Classes at mma lincoln

These classes are high energy low impact technical classes looking at the highest percentage submissions and they prepare you for the next level of training. In your first 3 months at mma in lincoln you will be put through the introductory program. Do not underestimate the basics. Mastery of the basics is vital and thats what you will learn in these classes. Stuart Smith one of our fight team members who won 2 out of his first 3 fights with us will guide you through the basics at a pace suited to you. The same basics Stuart went through to become a winner.

Combat Gold mma in lincoln

In these classes you learn more advanced takedowns, ground and stand up for MMA. You will learn how to control your opponent while delivering G&P (Ground and Pound) while making it impossible for them to hold you down. Your movement will become ballistic through the correct training. The program is designed to take you through the various submissions, counters and mma specific striking over a 2 year period.

Ultimate Combat at mma in lincoln

These classes are to pressure test your training and are compulsory for those wishing to join the fight team. These classes are so exciting we could sell tickets for them, seriously the energy and atmosphere is electric and some quality sportsman sparring where everyone works as a team trying to help rather than trying to prove something. Please be fully aware, we are a team and we train as such. We do not train to knockout and the safety of our members is paramount. We leave the knockouts for the competitions.

More Martial Arts and Fitness Classes Under One roof than anywhere in Lincolnshire

At MMA Lincoln We are a fitness and martial art facilities meaning there is no need to join a gym as well.

Save yourself some money and lose some pounds and get seriously fit.

At MMA In Lincoln

Importance of Proper Nutrition for Martial Artists at Martial Arts Lincoln

Along with intense training and adequate rest, proper nutrition is an essential component in the equation for success at any sport, including martial arts. The needs of a genuine martial artist are the same as that of an elite athlete. Strength, speed, agility, flexibility, and the ability to recuperate from brutal workouts and challenging fights, are paramount to the success of a martial artist.  Over the past decade our knowledge of sports nutrition has evolved into a science that has swept the athletic world. It has greatly contributed to the ever increasing number of athletes pushing the envelope of human ability and performance. Thus, it makes sense to take advantage of this science of sports nutrition in order to achieve our physical potential.

This is exactly what we aim to do at S2C8 FUNCTION FIRST MMA in Lincoln.

Why Nutrition is Important for Martial Artists – MMA in Lincoln

While nutrition is important for every person, it is even more important for martial artists. This is because martial artists consume a far greater amount of energy than the average person. Their tough training and fights require their bodies to use up key nutrients for optimal performance. In order to properly replace those nutrients a healthy nutrition must be maintained. Moreover, the body must be fueled with the correct foods to endure hours of intense training.

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More specifically, appropriate nutrition provides martial artists with:
• Better Performance
• Improved Recovery

Better Performance

What you eat affects your energy levels and performance during competition. A body filled with excessive fat and sugar will make a fighter slow and lethargic. Whereas, a body nourished by healthy and nutritious foods will allow the martial artist to perform at his or her peak.

Improved Recovery

Injuries such as sprains, strains, or breaks are not common within MMA in Lincoln. A well-tailored nutrition program enhances a martial artist’s recovery from training and fights.  This, in turn, provides for less injuries and the ability to train harder.

Definitely, mastery over the technical and mental aspects of MMA is essential for a martial artist’s success. A martial artist must have great mental awareness, strategy, cunningness, and determination. But what if they could become a little stronger, faster, and sturdier? Wouldn’t they become an improved version of their former self? Most certainly – quality nutrition provides martial artists with the biggest bang for their buck.

This is why at MMA in Lincoln, we focus on all the facets of a martial artist’s life, and not just the technical aspect. We realize how important nutrition is for optimal performance

All levels, abilities, ages and sizes. MMA and fitness for everyone.

No contracts, no gimmicks, no nonsense.

Whether you want to join the MMA in Lincoln fight team or train for fun, we can can offer a host of unique services in Lincoln.

We are agents of change, call in to keep up.
Frequently asked questions at MMA in Lincoln
  • Do i have to compete if i train at MMA in Lincoln?
  • NO, we are a club for everyone. We have a wide variety of students. Some who cannot turn up to work with bruises on their face. 
  • Am i to old to train at MMA in Lincoln?
  • If you are willing we will show you the way.
  • I want to compete, how long before i will be ready?
  • Everyone is different, we have a series of tests to pass to asses you for your first fight. This is for your safety and the reputation of MMA in Lincoln. 



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